What exactly is The Skurrilum?

Skurrilum is a team game that takes place in one of five escape rooms on St. Pauli. It offers a fun filled hour for groups of 2-8 people, and demands teamwork and logical thought.

How long does a game take?

A game at the Skurrilum lasts about 60 minutes. Groups should schedule about 80 minutes for their visit. This includes a briefing with your game master before the game. Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the start time of your game.

What does it look like in The Skurrilum?

Each oft he rooms is carefully designed with an eye for detail and fun: whether you visit the Zoo of Death, Malvini’s magic chamber or the mystical Phantom Island – all the escape rooms are individually furnished and offers something for everyone.

Is it scary in The Skurrilum?

Depending on the theme, it can get scary in the rooms. We work with light and sound effects, aswell as fog and as other state of the art stage props. In our pursuit of a rollercoaster experience we have included strobe effects to heighten the atmosphere in some of the rooms. Call us or send an email to info@skurrilum.de for more details.

I am claustrophobic. Should I forget about wanting to play a game?

No. The Skurrilum venues have been created with usual space dimensions. Our guests are never really “locked up”. The front door to the game can also be used as an exit at any time, should a player feel uncomfortable.

Are the rooms suitable for all players?

The game “Malvinis Legacy” can be accessed free of restrictions. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them before the game with our staff so that we can make any necessary preparations. “The Phantom Island” & “Ghost Hunter Ernie Hudson” do have some restrictions and are not suitable for physically disabled persons. Most of our games are at least partially dark and athmospheric.

I want to take my kids with me. What should I take into account?

Judging from experience we recommend the escape rooms in the Skurrilum for families with children from 14 years onwards. Groups of children from 14 years onwards can even play our games without adult accompaniment. If your children are younger than 14 years of age, we recommend bringing at least one adult per game. Parents know their children best, and we trust your judgment on whether a scenario may be too scary for your children. We give our recommendation for a reason.

Is it possible to cancel my booking?

Cancellations or exchanges for already confirmed bookings are not possible. This also appliesfor bookings confirmed via e-mail. Should you play the game with less players than you booked, we can not offer refunds, Please make sure the minimum player count is reached before making a booking for a game.

I wish to add another player to my booking. Is this possible?

Yes, as long as the maximum player count for each game is not reached, it is possible to add additional players to the booking. The easiest way to do this ist to bring enough cash to cover the additional cost and pay the difference in person. We can not accept card payments in person. Alternatively you can let us know before your visit at info@skurrilum.de and you will receive an updated payment link.

The online booking is restricted to 6 players (8 players). Can we play with more players?

Unfortunately we cannot make exceptions to the maximum number of players for each game. If your group consists of more people than a game can accomodate, you will have to book a second game.

Useful Information

The Skurrilum is suitable for players from 8-99 years ) Children and adolescents under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. The prerequisite for participation in the Skurrilum is a booking via the online booking system or in some cases e-mail  confirmation with info@skurrilum.de . The person booking the game must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking. Bookings are accepted on the condition that all participants are able to meet the physical and psychological requirements of the attraction. If visitors have medical problems, they should notify our staff before the game starts. The Skurrilum reserves the right to prohibit access to the premises without further explanation e.g. if visitors are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Visit

Each participant should arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the booked time, so that our game masters can do a quick briefing with all the players. The Skurrilum is a live event in which the rooms are prepared for each booking and are only reserved for the booked period. Delays and shifts of the game start are therefore not possible. Each participant accepts the terms and conditions of Skurrilum. All games commence at the booked time. If the participants are unwilling to accept the game rules, the games cannot begin. A claim for reimbursement of the participation fee will be waived. Each participant is required to fully comply with the Laws of the Game. A breach of the rules leads to the immediate expulsion of the participant, or the game may be aborted. A claim for reimbursement of the participation fee does not exist in this case either.
It is not permitted to bring food and drinks into the escape rooms or to consume food and drinks in the venue. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the venue.